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Mind Clutter & Goals

Blogging here could be a good way of getting mind clutter out of my head - if I'd stick to a writing schedule! I think I worry too much about what the reader thinks and try to come up with cool stuff to share and forget why I started this in the first place - [...]

This week has been bliss. I've been hanging with the kids, playing basically just having fun all week. I've taken them to Karate, kicked the footy around with them on the field, and watched the singing contests they have put on for us in their bedroom. It's been awesome. The more I write here on the [...]

For several years now I feel my life has been somewhat stagnant. This is partially due to the addictions I’ve had, but even the “in between” times there hasn’t been much movement. I’ve been focused on earning a living and supporting my family and aiming on promotions at jobs I’ve had as a way of [...]

I ordered a book a week or so ago and it finally arrived in the mail yesterday morning, you can find it on my resources page if you are interested. It's called Relax into Wealth. Written in a way thats easy to read, it delivers prosperity lessons in unforgettable true stories of the many successful [...]

I’d heard plenty about AA over the years but it wasn’t until I actually attended an AA meeting that I really got the idea of what it was about. The concept of sharing is what really flicked a switch for me, since nobody in my circle never really understood what I was going through. I’m [...]

I purchased this domain a few years ago and got pretty excited about it. I think it’s such a cool name for a site and I have wondered since then, what I wanted to write about and share here. What do I enjoy? What can I share that may help others? What experience do I [...]

Here’s what I learned last week. Sometimes when you think, speak and act affirmatively and positively, things still happen in life that appear to be taking you right back to where you started! This can cause self-defeating thoughts & self-sabotaging actions and darn right make you feel down. I know this because I’ve experienced it [...]

Only in my thirties did I find peace with what I deem God to be, but for me to explain the beauty and power of God or what I personally believe would take a long time and it’s only important to me. I’ve been a seeker for much of my life and so because of [...]

Just do the things you need to do each day, take the kids to School, work through the to-do list of the day, allow spontaneity in your life, and try not to see ahead and predict anything. If you’ve set yourself some manifesting desires and you wouldn’t have a clue how to go about creating [...]

Don’t fret! Worrying won’t be of any help in your efforts to change your life. It’s a realization I’ve had recently, funny thing this life stuff isn’t it? I’m continuously picking up tidbits and strategies in my endeavors to change my life. All week I’ve been doing my affirmations and choosing to see things differently. [...]