You don’t need a bribe to join my tribe!


“Like any ability or muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it “– Robbie Gass

You hunger for purposeful activity in your life like everybody else you know seems to be living. You desire to create something, contribute to the world, to do something meaningful with your life; but you’re stuck in a rut! You know you have a gift to share with the world but you can’t quite put your finger on what that might be. You’re thinking the boat has already left. Your purpose is calling you but you don’t know where the voice is coming from or what its saying. But you know it’s time…

You are not alone. This is a commonality in the human condition, and the solution is elusive, never standing still and not wanting to be easily caught.

Now, I’d like to welcome you to the memorial service.

You read that right. Because before you can move forward, you have to say goodbye.

So right here and now, let’s make it official.

Together let’s say goodbye forever to the OLD you who…

    • Wants to somehow contribute to the world and create a legacy at the same time, but is stuck in a rut…
    • Played the “if-only” game WAY too often
    • Doesn’t quite know what he wants and even if he did know, he can’t do it because he has responsibilities and a family to support…
    • Doesn’t know his purpose in life, but wants to do something meaningful (if only he knew what it was)…
    • Feels lost but thinks he has to look like he knows what he’s doing because society says so…
    • Thinks that spirituality is for women and feminine/soft/sensitive type males, and has no time for woo woo…however, he is curious what it is and would like to learn more…
    • Is finding it difficult to figure out his role in his relationship now that his partner is living her purpose…
    • Is wondering how the heck he ended up here and what do he needs to do to move onwards and upwards towards creating that dream life he’s always imagined himself living…
    • Feels like everyone else seems to understand their purpose, but he doesn’t…
    • Sees no end out of the rut…
    • Wants to stop his destructive habits but just doesn’t know how…

You might now be thinking what you’ll gain from my 1:1 coaching and how it can help you in real life…

  • Learn how to get from here to there (from where you are currently, to where you want to be).
  • I will teach you a mind hack I learned which enabled me to change my situation from hopeless, overweight, lost and depressed, with a binge drinking problem – to motivated, fit & healthy, enthused and excited about the future.
  • I will teach you how I tapped into my intuition and how listening to it (after years of not taking heed to it) has led me to the life I now live. I’m free of the destructive habits I was indulging in to the detriment of my life and that of my family.
  • Learn tools to replace your old beliefs which no longer serve you and which make up the bars of your self- imposed prison and prevent you from being clear about what you want and how to claim it.
  • Learn how and why you need to create your future in your mind first, which will lay the foundation as you move forward to the life you desire. (If you can’t see it in your mind, you won’t hold it in your hand…)
  • Awaken those seemingly dormant inner forces which will enable you to realize your purpose, then step up and live it…
  • Understand how spending time outside in mindful awareness gives you insights about your own true nature…
  • Success (whatever this means to you) has a distinct taste, and you must become accustomed to it before you can experience it (I’ll teach you a Jedi mind trick so you do become accustomed to this)
  • Finally once you’ve discovered your purpose, we’ll hatch a plan as to how you can get out there and live it…

If you can totally relate to this, then you’ve come to the right place…


90-day 1:1 intensive coaching program designed for men who are:

    • ready to get unstuck and out of that rut
    • men who have struggled in their life and been through some hard times but are ready to move onwards and upwards in their lives
    • men who have that entrepreneurial flair who want to create something cool, but usually just dream about it. Observers of others who do it.
    • OR men who aren’t necessarily interested in entrepreneurship but just want to have the on switch turned ON in their personal life
    • men who are really anxious to give the middle finger to the past
    • men who are open to learning new ways of thinking, I want to work with fellas who are committed.
    • men who are open to learning what may be deemed as ‘spiritual’ methods and tools (connecting with nature, mindfulness, meditation) nothing too ‘far out’
    • men who take action

This includes:

    • 12 weekly (1 per week for 3 months) 60 minute coaching calls via phone or skype to help structure to-dos (once we figure out what you want) so you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.
    • accountability for getting your stuff done in our calls/skype.
    • you’ll never be stranded between calls because you’ll have unlimited email support for all 90 days.
    • gentle guidance from your personal navigator – me.

And during your 90 days, you’ll have the tools to make your shift into the life you’ve been longing for.

  • Make a commitment. It’s easy to say to yourself, “I’m going to make this change” but then let yourself off the hook when things get tough or you get busy or stressed. Don’t let yourself back out.
  • Create reminders. Around the house, create a winners bible, transform the “don’t want anymore” list into “what I want” lists. I’ll show you how, once we know what you want or at least the general direction you want to head.
  • Saying goodbye to negative thoughts & rationalizations. Your mind will start to make excuses for why you shouldn’t make the change. You might even start feeling like you can’t do it. Look at these rationalizations and negative thoughts, and learn that though they pop into your head on autopilot, you don’t have to believe them. They’re simply your mind’s way of trying to get out of discomfort, but you will learn to be fine in discomfort (which is temporary). It takes effort of your behalf so ready the helm!
  • Exploring what makes you unique. Digging up the GOLD.
  • Finding out who your mentors are and why. I heard years ago that employees are attracted to companies because they resonate with aspects of the personalities of the leader/director/owner. Same reason why you are attracted to work with me – you relate to my story. Looking at who your mentors are can be a good indication of purpose/passion and what gets you excited and inspires you.
  • Dealing with any destructive habits. Now I’m not a Doctor or a Psychologist but I’ve been through my fair share of dealing with destructive habits. I’ll show you how I did it. It’s a no BS approach. If you need a therapist, then I’m not him.
  • Introduction to meditation/mindfulness/spirituality. This is one of those things that a lot of guys think they don’t need, yet this is why so many men are chasing their tails in the world. They’re trying to search ‘out there’ for meaning. They want some headspace. I’ll show you how using the powers of nature to guide, heal and power up will help you as you carve your path forward.
  • Dreaming big. Finding out where you see yourself? What you want out of life? Who do you want to become? What do you want to do? How do you want to contribute? No limit thinking.
  • What makes you happy? Knowing this helps you realize new paths you can go down. New avenues open up. It relaxes the mind and body. It helps to release crap that’s been holding you back from success, because rather than dwelling on ‘negative crap’, you dwell on ‘positive stuff’ – it’s learning to think in positive affirmations. Then we can start mapping a way forward outta that rut.
  • Affirmations, affirmations, affirmations. What they are and how they work. Create them, say them, and live them. Turn the switch ON. Open up your mind. Proof you are will follow the consciousness you are, it doesn’t precede it. You have to morph and transform yourself from the inside out.
  • This means starting! Time to live it. Putting all the pieces together and stepping into the unknown. This can be a bit overwhelming if you’re so used to standing on the sidelines being the observer of others successes, or watching others live their purpose. But we’ll get there together. It’s a bridge we all have to cross if we wish to get to the other side of confusion, hopelessness, and moving away from being stuck in a rut.
  • Creating the dream. I’ll guide you towards what steps you can take towards your dream life/goal/vision of your ideal future. I’ll guide you, not tell you. Consider me a signpost. It’s time to align yourself with the life of your dreams and then do everything you can do be it. This means taking inspired action AND obvious action. To some of you, this method will seem too simple, but its simplicity is why it works. This worked for me for numerous aspects of my life: getting out of debt, eating healthier, exercising, losing weight, stopping drinking, and much more. For others, this won’t feel doable, but it is. It’s small steps, and each step is very doable. You can do this.
  • Planning/Introduction to creating a passion based business. Optional* Not everyone wants to create a passion based business. You might be happy in your career and that’s fine. I’ve found though; that many of “The Late Starters” out there want to create something around their passion and purpose. They want meaning and purpose in their lives, and as we all know; work is a good way to experience that. We all want to feel purpose in our lives. I can guide you towards this if that is what you want. It’s what I consider my business to be. Helping men break free of self-imposed prisons and sharing their gift with the world. I believe that’s why we’re here, to serve and add value to the world.

“You can have everything in life you want; if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Your Investment: $1,700 paid in full* 

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