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It’s Never Too Late To Begin.

I’ve decided. For far too long I’ve put things off.

I’m 41 now and I’m STILL talking about ‘starting that business’.

I’ve been talking about this for years, mind you; I have actually started and tried different businesses throughout the years and I’ve started numerous blogs too – mostly niche blogs set up for affiliate commissions.

I purchased The Late Starter 7-8 years ago because 1) it was available 2) it was a cool name I could build something around 3) it resonated with me and I could relate – I was a late starter.

Recently I had been looking at coaching as a business model (specifically coaching men) that were lost and stuck. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that writing about my own journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur as a “Late Starter” might be a good way to serve those people I initially set out to help.

I thought I’d make my story my niche.

Here’s a bit of a timeline of my ideas/failures/successes thus far.

2003 – 2005

I had the idea to create a 3rd person computer game called “Interactive New Zealand” and spent close to 2 years on the business plan. I spoke with players in the industry such as the New Zealand General Manager of Electronic Arts, Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide – Kevin Roberts, and Sidhe Interactive game development company based in Wellington.

Kevin Roberts gave me glowing encouragement telling me it was “totally unique, very hip, very NZ edge”. The Sidhe Interactive director told me that my game idea was 90% more viable than any other game idea he’d heard of. Electronic arts wanted me to sign away my rights in exchange for feedback on my idea (in other words, they wouldn’t sign my confidential agreement).

My game idea was similar to Medal of Honour and Grand Theft Auto in that it was to be a 3rd person game. In this game however, the player is a tourist traveling throughout New Zealand, performing activities and challenges at various tourist attractions around the country. i.e having to collect a Maori carving from a geyser in a geothermal park, and pig hunting in Northland. I aimed to have this game sold at souvenir shops throughout the country, it would be a great promotional tool for the tourism industry and a great way to showcase the beautiful scenery and attractions we have on offer. I was told by BDO that it was just too risky for investors and Sidhe Interactive said it would cost too much to make.

Game over.


I wrote to South Pacific studios in Auckland about an idea I had for a film on a topic I had recently discovered in the self-help field which had changed my outlook on life – new thought, mental science and the law of attraction; I was advised that it would not be viable because people just weren’t interested in such topics – The next year, The Secret was released and went on to become a global phenomenon.

2007 – 2011

In between concentrating on work in the tourism industry and on working towards getting promoted in order to make more money for my family, I dabbled in internet marketing. I attended World Internet Summit and went on to create several niche blogs. Though I only made a total of $80 in commissions, I did learn a lot. This was also about the time that I purchased this domain name. The internet marketing industry became saturated with people trying to make money online, by teaching people how to make money online. In a way, I feel this is how the coaching industry has become; coaches coaching how to become coaches who then go on to coach others how to become a coach.

2011 – 2015

I moved to Australia to give my children the opportunity to live overseas, for a change of scenery, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities Australia has to offer. I have completed two Certificate IV’s in the hope of securing a high paying job, however; I have realized that I won’t be satisfied until I have become a successful entrepreneur and so here I am.
I’m a fan of self-help and personal development, I use affirmations and visualization in my life but now I’m taking it up a notch. I get inspired by people chasing their dreams and reaching for the stars. I love hearing success stories and reading biographies of people who have achieved their dreams. I have no idea how I’m going to achieve my goals however I believe that makes for good reading 

The Goal

To become a successful entrepreneur.

I have other goals but I believe that this is my main goal so I’m going to concentrate on this. All the other goals I have I will mention here on this blog as they are achieved.

How I’m going to begin.

1. I’m going to use affirmations daily until I am convinced and I have unshakeable belief in myself and my goal/s. I’m writing my goal/s down 15 times per day as well – I got that idea from Scott Adams

2. I have created a vision board and I look at it every chance I get to ensure I always keep my goal/s in the front of my mind.

3. I have asked people I know to get some ideas and let myself and the universe know that I’m serious. For starters I asked our property manager what her biggest problems are – she said maintenance and cleaning – she went on to say that this is saturated here in the Gold Coast (I was thinking of starting a small cleaning business on the side). I’m networking and I’m looking offline as well as online for opportunities.

4. I have been watching YouTube videos on business ideas & how to validate those ideas, I have joined Freedom Hackers Mastermind group on Facebook and created my own group on Facebook.

5. I have started positive self-talk. I write reminders and place them around the house, little affirmations and quotes. I know this stuff, but I have to implement it now.

6. I meditate daily to clean out the clutter and create some headspace.

7. I’m starting to dress better and pay more attention to my personal presentation, I started a running regime again in order to keep fit and keep my energy levels up; and I’m keeping in mind my ‘why’, or ‘my purpose’ so I stay focused. In every possible way, I’m living in the new state. (how I’d feel when I’ve achieved the goal, how I’d be as a person, doing the things I’d do had I achieved the goal = living in the new state).

8. I take part in most Mindvalley masterclasses especially ones including any teachers on manifestation and the law of attraction.

Anything else that comes to mind I’ll write about it in a later post. Meanwhile I’d love to hear about you and your dreams of starting a business. What drives you to do so? What successes and failures have you had? Where do you go for inspiration? Who are your mentors?

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